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The Simpsons Movie

My review of The Simpsons Movie:

I think The Simpsons Movie was the best! It was really funny! Bart actually does a nude seen to be only 10! Remember the episode where Homer starts walking and Marge hits him with her car, then in his song he says he can walk from Springfield to Alaska. Well in the movie The Simpsons go to Alaska! Funny? There’s also a poster in a gas station with their picture on it, so Bart makes it into some other people and then the other people go to jail! See it it’s really good! I’m not giving anymore away!

For all you who didn’t hear, Matt is already thinking of making the final episode 😦 for everyone who loves The Simpsons I don’t think they’d want to miss this! I don’t think Matt’s making the finale right away, so there will still be new episodes! Matt actually makes more than one episode and it comes out in August!

-Kaitlyn Lund


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