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Club Penguin Cheats, Hacks and Secrets

Club Penguin Secrets:

On Club Penguin you can hack ANYTHING, but you will get banned IF they catch you. A lot of other penguins who are older than 11-12, usually make videos of partys, where the pin is, hidden clothes and igloos and furniture, like that. I will tell you every week where the pin is hidden, hidden clothes, igloos and furniture. This week the pin is hidden at the MINE, you may have already got it. The secret igloo is hidden on Deluxe Snow Igloo (the door), the secret furniture is hidden in PRINCESS THRONE in the word THRONE, if there is anything I have missed comment, or just find it yourself. The clothing catalog secrets, The GOGGLES are in the WET SUIT, VIKING HELMET is in the HEADPHONES, so is the BLUE VIKING HELMET you have to click on the HEADPHONES 3 times to get the BLUE VIKING HELMET, and the fish will appear on the pizza flipper.

How Cheats and Hacks:

I told you once already to go to to get the CPTrainer, you can also get the Hypercam on Once you download the CPTrainer you can start hacking. The only time they don’t ban you is when you’re making a movie. The only time you will get banned making a movie is when you swear. There’s a lot of camera’s to download to YouTube, if you watch some Club Penguin movies, you’ll see what they use up in the top left corner.

-Kaitlyn Lund


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