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Be On Club Penguin Video!

August 26, 2007

I am making a Club Penguin Video Today (August 26), and tomorrow. If you want to be on video go to the Canada server, then go Mukluk, I will probably be at the dock, cove, the Mess Hall, lighthouse, on top of the mountain or in my igloo. Look for the names Chiefwiggum1, Spider101pig and […]

Club Penguin Cheats, Hacks and Secrets

August 25, 2007

Club Penguin Secrets: On Club Penguin you can hack ANYTHING, but you will get banned IF they catch you. A lot of other penguins who are older than 11-12, usually make videos of partys, where the pin is, hidden clothes and igloos and furniture, like that. I will tell you every week where the pin […]

Something’s Coming!!

August 24, 2007

Something is coming on August 31, in Club Penguin. is even better then when I went on to get my CPTrainer! -Kaitlyn Lund